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  • Hola, soy Fernando Polo, y este es mi blog (?), que actualizo periódicamente. Si has llegado hasta aquí siguiendo un link y te interesa lo que lees, quizá te apetezca suscribirte a mi RSS (?). O seguirme en Twittter (?).

    julio 08, 2005

    Los eTailers comienzan a usar blogs

    En España no, claro.
    Mr. Greenberg said the blog allowed eHobbies to project the homespun image that sometimes eluded even small companies like his, which has only 25 employees. 'It lets us pull back the curtain and show how we're a company of hobbyists who love participating in the things they're buyers for,' he said. 'It humanizes us.'

    Blogging While Browsing, but Not Buying, en NYT.

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